What Is Uncommon Chick Media All About?

Uncommon Chick Media specializes in crafting visual brands that disrupt, dominate, and deliver.

Here at Uncommon Chick Media, I do things a bit differently (hence the word Uncommon).

In everything I do, I stand for escaping a mediocre existence and creating a remarkable, extraordinary life and business.

This is good news for you because it means you won’t get the same ol’ results you get with a lot of other designers. You won’t get just a pretty website (if that’s all it took, everybody with a pretty website would be gazillionaires!). Design certainly matters but it’s not the end game. You need a smarter game, a more strategic approach building a winning and profitable brand and website, and a partner (ahem, me) who cares about the growth of your business.

I love working with entrepreneurs like you, helping them to build successful, profitable visual identities for their purposeful businesses.

You see, I know what you want. It’s MORE prospects, publicity, partners, positioning, and of course, profit.

In order to get a dose of those Ps, your brand HAS to have meaning and your website HAS to be more than an online brochure. It HAS to be a powerful marketing and lead generation tool for your business. This is non-negotiable!

If you want someone to help you navigate this process, let’s talk. I’ll help you create an online presence that emotionally connects with your tribe and WOWS them into lifetime customers/clients.



Rebelpreneurism is the next big thing. Business should be fun. There’s no space for “me too” thinking. And “nothing beats a failure but a try.”


Flexibility, Connection, Love, Freedom, Creativity, Working Smart, Doing Good, Volunteerism, Community, Youth Development, Pursuit of Happyness & Peace


I’m fueled by a positive and serving mindset and the fact that “you can have everything in life you want, if you’ll just help enough other people get what they want.” -Zig Ziglar

Ready to work with me?

Let’s elevate your brand image and build a partnership. Got questions? Need support? Want to outsource your digital and design work? Then let’s chat.

“Lakesha Brown is a true professional with an infectious positive attitude. She is passionate about harnessing the power of technology through website design, website development, and social media to help her clients successfully advance their businesses to the next level. I have observed her portfolio of client websites that she designed and they are nothing short of polished and professional. I highly recommend Lakesha Brown as your preferred service professional and business partner.

Tamiko Cuellar

Founder, Pursue Your Purpose

More About This Chick…

I’ve been working in the web and design industry since 1999. Wow, I think I just dated myself! I use my skills as a corporate trained project manager, an academically trained computer engineer, a certified coach, and professional designer and marketer to help you create a unique brand. Whew! So as you can see, I have the ability to use my left AND right brain to help you experience tremendous growth and create an awesome digital experience!

Plus, I simply love what I do. I get to use my talent and creativity to help you stand out in your field, get hired by the best, and do good in your world. You can say I geek out on this type of stuff. 🙂


The Personal Deets…

  • I love to travel (even solo).
  • I still high-five people (it will never go out of style).
  • I’m a hugger (you WILL get one – even virtually if I don’t get to meet you in person).
  • I love to watch makeup tutorials on YouTube (and play in makeup at home).
  • I’m that chick who will move the keyboard out of the way to make room for the colored pencils so I can color.
  • I love to play word games.
  • I am a Passionate Pisces with all of the Piscean ways!
  • My favorite colors are purple and turquoise. Can you tell? LOL
  • I love to read a good fiction novel (crime stories, mysteries, paranormal/sci-fi, and vampire genres specifically). If you have any good recommendations, let me know!
  • I love to blog about what’s inspiring me, how to achieve personal growth/development, issues that affect us as humans and business owners, and much more at Uncommon Chick Lifestyle Blog.
  • Oh, and I can be bribed with sweet smelling Bath and Body Works candles. 😉

Okay, enough about me. Tell me about you and what you want to do with your project!


Uncommon Chick Media is a premier and fun design boutique based in the St. Louis metro area. We specialize in helping ambitious entrepreneurs stop being invisible and stand out online. We help our clients create profitable, thriving, and successful brands through a holistic approach that goes beyond the basics of traditional design firms. We help them disrupt, dominate, and deliver on their brand promises.
We are about partnership and so we begin with great design but give much more. We work with our clients to develop a simple yet strategic marketing approach, holistic infrastructure and systems design, and self-care priorities so our clients build sustainable, profitable projects that not only meet their business goals but also serve their communities for years to come.

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