Giving Back

Doing Good.

OK, you already know I’m different and not your average web design chick, but I’m also making a difference – much the same way someone else made a difference for me.

I use business to inspire change in the world, even if just my tiny part of the world, and create opportunities for others to succeed. This is why I’m passionate about giving back and being a socially responsible organization.

For the past four years, I’ve been on the Board of the St. Louis Internship Program (SLIP), which provides hope and opportunity for high school students in financial need through paid summer internships, intensive employability training, and year-round college and career planning.

You see, I was very blessed to have had the same opportunity when I was in high school and into college. I interned every summer at some awesome companies so I know first hand the value of what these types of experiences offer. Now, I want those same opportunities for our youth as well!

This is why a portion of my business income goes towards SLIP. It’s my way to reach back and extend a hand to young people who also see the value of these types of opportunities.

By extension, when you work with me, you extend your hand to these youth as well!

Feels good doesn’t it? Yessssss!

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