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Biz Resources for Savvy Biz Owners…

Here’s a list of some of my favorite resources and tools. Feel free to play around! I am always adding more so check back.

Hosting/Domain Management

  • Hostgator – I use Hostgator for all of my own sites. I always go to Hostgator first. It’s easy to use, the control panel is not clunky like some others I’ve seen, very reliable when it comes to website availability, and EXCELLENT customer service which is top priority in my book.
  • Bluehost – This is my number two hosting company and I have some clients on this host who haven’t had any problems. Customer service is good here as well. They’ve been around for years and demonstrates server reliability.
  • GoDaddy – It’s the best, most robust domain manager around. Note: I do NOT recommend GoDaddy for hosting though (see above). Also, sometimes Godaddy has $0.99 domain sales; catch it if you can!
  • Namecheap – It’s the next best domain registration company in my opinion and if you can’t find a good deal on Godaddy or are annoyed with all of the upsale screens, give Namecheap a try. I host about half of my domains with them. Best thing about Namecheap is they have free WhoisGuard (a service that hides your address and phone number from the public) where at Godaddy, it’s an extra fee.

Website/Blog Creation and Testing

  • WordPress – It’s the best, free blog publishing platform online, extremely customizable and very extensible. I highly recommend you go with the self hosted WordPress option as you get a lot more flexibility but the hosted version is fine if you’re just starting out.
  • Website Grader – Check how well your website is doing, find out how popular it is in social media, and check for problems – all for free.
  • Pretty Link – Pretty Link is a WordPress plugin that will enable you to shrink, cloak, track, organize, share and test all of your links (like affiliate links) on your own domain and server. It’s basically a great little tool that lets you shorten URLs but gives you analytics while doing so.

Time Management

  • Asana – Be more productive with teamwork, project management, to do lists, and collaboration! This is an awesome, incredibly powerful digital project management tool that I’ve absolutely fell in love with. Check out the user guide – a 70 page workbook that shows you how to set up Asana effectively and start using it quickly.
  • Evernote – Remember everything (boy, wouldn’t I love to!). Basically, you can save your ideas – things you like, things you hear, and things you see – and access them anywhere. Pretty cool!
  • Roboform Everywhere – Got a gazillion passwords like I do? Save time with Roboform Everywhere, password management tool you can access from any device anywhere, and you don’t have to remember but one password from now on! 🙂


  • PayPal – PayPal has become one of the easiest and most convenient ways to pay online. If you’re looking for a very simple way to accept payments on your website, PayPal will definitely do the trick.
  • Stripe – Stripe is the best service for collecting your moolah! Whether you’re creating a subscription service, an on-demand marketplace, an e-commerce store, or a crowdfunding platform, Stripe’s unmatched functionality helps you collect your money when you need it AND it integrates with lots of platforms.
  • Selz – I love Selz for their ease of use with selling digital downloads (you can sell physical products too). They have everything you need to get up and running quickly – from SSL certificates, download protection, embeddable stores to built-in payments, a host of integrations, and – all with simple pricing! And if you only start with free products, Selz is free.

Email List Management / Autoresponder Software

  • Aweber – Aweber is one of the top preferred email list management and autoresponder tools for a lot of online marketers and bloggers. I’ve been a customer for about 7 years now! It’s easy to use & free to try for 30 days. Can’t beat it.
  • MailChimp – I’ve been playing around with Mailchimp a little bit as it’s an ever-increasing popular software for email and list management. It’s also has a free option up to 2,000 subscribers which is great for people starting out.

Website Analytics / Tracking

  • Google Analytics – Powerful, free analytics tool that tracks all of your incoming traffic for free. Lets you measure your advertising ROI as well as track video and social networking sites and applications. I love mostly all of Google’s tools!
  • Alexa – This tool gauges a website’s ranking by computing traffic rankings and analyzing the Web usage of millions of Alexa Toolbar users. Download it so see how you fair among other website owners.

Social Media Tools

  • Hootsuite – Great for managing multiple social networks, scheduling and automatically publishing 100’s of messages, analytics and more. They have a free version but also a 30 day  free trial of their Pro version. Be more productive!
  • Manage Flitter – Twitter account management – clean up and manage who you follow. It comes in very handy to get rid of those inactive accounts and those who aren’t following back.
  • Zoom – It’s the latest and greatest and hottest Video Conferencing and Web Conferencing Service today! They have a free version that has served me well but will be looking to upgrade for more options as I grow.
  • Skype – I use this for connecting further with my peeps. Can’t beat calling anyone anywhere in the world for free!

Event Management

  • EventBrite – Eventbrite empowers you with simple but powerful tools to manage, promote, and sell out your event. It’s free to sign up and get started.

Other Goodies

  • Speakpipe – Want an easy way to get feedback from your website visitors or blog readers? You can set up a voicemail widget on your website. This allows your visitors to leave voice messages right from a browser. No phone calls are required! 

Disclaimer: I am an affiliate for some of these tools/ resources but that doesn’t invalidate any of my opinions! On the contrary, I am an affiliate because I first used the tool/resource and found it extremely helpful either for myself and/or my clients.

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