Website Care Plans


You have a wondermous, fantabulous, juicytastic website, now what? You definitely cannot let it sit idle and grow weeds!

Not only that, but your website needs to constantly evolve, your marketing needs to stay fresh, and you need branded images on a consistent basis for online and offline marketing.


Let’s keep it real. Keeping your website up to date, free of malware, secure, and backup up often is time consuming and tedious and definitely NOT your lane. Not only does it take away from what you do best but you’d have to spend even more time to keep up with the ever changing technology and trends. This is time that’s better spent creating relationships with your tribe, customers, and partners. 

As a busy entrepreneur, you already have enough to do on the daily without worrying about technical and graphical items. But don’t fret! If you are unable or unwilling to do it yourself, that’s where we come in. Consider us your digital and design partner for your ongoing maintenance and continuous improvement needs.


Just The Basics

Best for small businesses and side hustlers just getting started. Need just a little bit of help? We got you, boo!
  • WordPress Updates
  • Plugin Updates

  • Post-Update Site Check

  • Weekly Full Site Backups

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The Whole Shebang

Fabulous for the mavericks and superheros looking to grow their empire with major brand continuity.
  • Everything in the Professional Plan plus…
  • 2 Branded social Images each month

  • Check-in Strategy Call (15 mins)

  • 30 add’l mins of Tech Support / Content Updates

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A’s to your Q’s

What tasks are included in the monthly development time?

Good question! As part of each plan, you can request tasks like content updates, add new pages or posts, and small design improvements. Anything that can fit into your monthly allotted time is allowed. However, if there is work that goes beyond that time, we’ll send you a design quote for the extras and you’ll know the cost before work is performed so there are no surprises.


Does the development time rollover if not used in a single month?

Like most other retainer services (i.e. a lawyer’s retainer), the monthly development time is there for you to use as you need it. If it’s not used, it does not rollover.


My website was not built by Uncommon Chick Media, can I still be on one of your maintenance plans?

Although our maintenance plans are for websites we personally build, we are open to working with clients who are looking for a partner to help them run their web presence smoothly.

In these cases, we first do an analysis to get to know you and your website, understand how it was designed, and evaluate its performance. From there, we can share suggestions for improvement before proceeding with monthly maintenance. Contact us to get started!


Am I locked into a contract or can I cancel at anytime?

Certainly, you can cancel anytime! There are no contracts involved. At anytime you decide you no longer need our maintenance services, simply request a cancellation via email to and we will cancel your plan before your next billing cycle.


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